Lifestyle & Technology

Products at the Lifestyle & Technology Zone strives to improve the quality of our daily lives. Also, come through to the SAMURAI ROOM which will host live presentations of the Japanese Tea Ceremony.

  • Sony
    Perfect product line-up for your lifestyle!

    We will be having a summer sale of our personal audio products such the headphones, wireless speakers, Walkman® and digital imaging cameras during that period of time.

    A safe drive supported by Japan's high quality

    Cycle & Carriage Singapore (Mitsubishi) has a range of SUVs to suit your lifestyle needs such as the stylish Urban ASX, the 7-seater SUV Outlander & the all new turbo coupé SUV Eclipse Cross. With our industry leading 10-year engine warranty, 5-year unlimited mileage warranty and 3-year free scheduled servicing, you’ll enjoy absolute peace of mind with your brand new Mitsubishi. Visit or call 6473 9722 to book a test drive today!

    Robi is available at an event exclusive price!

    Introducing Robi, the bilingual humanoid robot that speaks English and Mandarin, as well as some Singlish!
    The Robi Weekly Magaizne delivers cutting-edge robotics technology in fresh components, so that you can assemble with your own hands a robot that talks, sings and dances – over the course of 70 issues!

    Non-assembled set
    Regular price S$2,082.40→Special Price S$1,561.80 (25% off)
    Assembled set
    Regular price S$2,082.40 + S$700 → Special Price S$2,082.40

  • Oise-san

    Based on the theme of detoxifying (purifying) the soul, Oise-san products like Aburatori Kamigami (oil-blotting paper), Furo Kamidama (bath bomb) and Okiyome Shio Spray (fragrance spray) are made in Japan, using high quality ingredients. A part of the sales profits is used to assist the activities of the Grand Shrine of Ise in the form of dedication/donation.

  • Inoue Seikoen

    We are leading company in olive cultivation in Japan. We grow 8 different kinds of olives and 14 different kinds of citruses in a small island called Shodoshima, which is located in Seto inland sea in southern west part of Japan. We also produce skincare products and food products with the fruits we grow with over 70 years experiences and passion for agriculture. Now, we have shop in Tangs at Tang Plaza L4, shop name is INOUE OLIVE.   

    “Olive Oil gives you good health internally and good skin externally.”

    The features of our original olive oil based skin care products are the penetration capacity into our skin, the moisturizing capacity, the retention and the wide range of products covering from toes to hair care purposes. And also those who have dry and sensitive and even babies can use our skin care product which are completely free additives, coloring and preservatives.      

    In addition, the good of olive oil and citrus that can be understood because it is a farmer that lasts three generations of parents and children which is over 70 years experiences, the food that is made using only carefully selected ingredients is sure to impress your tongue.  

    Olive oil, which is good for health, why not eat deliciously and become healthy and beautiful?  

    “Over thousands years’ historical background of olives itself guarantees the effects and safety. So we would like to share such blessings with Singaporeans”. This is the our wish.

  • The Tatami Shop

    Transforming spaces & bringing exclusive Japanese Tatami experience to home owners, The Tatami Shop Singapore, is inspired to go back to basics, creating original & timeless solutions for modern day living. Join us to know how you can introduce these minimalistic & space saving ideas into your cosy homes!

  • Samurai Room
    Check out the sectional Japanese style room! -Feel Japan!

    Japanese style room is composed of a traditional Japanese culture and a collaboration space of contemporary art. It is easy to set up and carry in a short time. Let’s enjoy the Japanese culture in a Japanese-style room at home.

  • SAN-EI
    A stuffed toy that all the dog lovers cannot resist!

    The Graceful Series is a line of stuffed toys made in Japan. Each of the stuffed toys is painstakingly handcrafted by the Japanese artisans. The sacred techniques used are passed down from centuries ago, giving a highly detailed expression reflecting Japanese sensibilities.

  • Aderans Singapore
    For a better, more confident you

    Since its establishment in 1968, the Aderans Group has been a leading provider of total hair solutions. To achieve our management vision of “Becoming a Good Company” we have always been dedicated to the creation of products designed to please our customers, providing them with thoughtful and attentive services.

    To provide effective ways of dealing with hair problems, and to bring smiles to more people, we have expanded our total hair solutions business worldwide in North America, Europe, and Asia.

    Our greatest mission, as the Aderans Group, is to promote overall wellness through our hair-related, beauty and health business. Guided by the three pillars of our management vision “ECSR Sampo Yoshi”, which incorporates Customer Satisfaction (CS), Employee Satisfaction (ES), and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) . The Aderans Group, as a whole, will strive to realize its shared goals of “Product Excellence,” “Technological expertise” and “Most educated in hair-related, beauty and health solutions with the highest levels of service” in order to establish itself as a global brand which can make a contribution to the entire world.