Omakase Stage

From centuries-old cultural acts to current popular culture, JPSG presents a cast of high-profile entertainment guests at the Omakase Stage!

  • Joseph Schooling
    Come and meet Joseph and listen to his journey as a professional swimmer!

    Joseph Schooling brought home Singapore’s first ever Olympic gold medal at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, setting a National, Asian and Olympic record of 50.39 seconds. Join him on the 4th of August and listen to his journey as he takes a step further into his next stage of his swimming career.

    © Simone Castrovillari

  • Koudai Matsuoka

    Koudai Matsuoka is an actor born in Tokyo, Japan. The 20-year old debuted in 2009, and is a firm favourite for stage plays with an impressive portfolio under his name including Rurouni Kenshin, Dokurojo no 7-Nin, Live Spectacle: Naruto, The Prince of Tennis and FROGS. Currently starring in TV drama series “Kaisha wa Gakko ja ne-n da yo”, Koudaiis slated to feature in a film next year. Join us at his talkshow at the Omakase Stage on 5 August!

  • Sunplaza Nakano Kun & Papala Kawai
    Expect the passionate performance from the J-ROCK legends!

    Sunplaza Nakano Kun
    Born in Kofu City, Yamanashi Prefecture in 1960, raised in Chiba prefecture.
    Sunplaza Nakano Kun is a well-known Japanese musician and vocalist from the band, Bakufu Slump. His huge hits include “Runner” (1988), “resort lovers” (1989), and “Tabi bite yo ~The Longest Journey~” (1996). After 15 years together, the band has been on hiatus since 1994. Sunplaza Nakano Kun currently perform as a solo singer and also writes about other interests in his life, finance and health.

    Papala Kawai
    Born in Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture in 1960. Kawai is a member of the popular Japanese band, Bakufu Slump. Aside from his activities with the band, he has been composing for anime, TV dramas, and stage. He was the music producer for Pocket Biscuits, a music unit that debuted from Japan’s NTV variety show, “Ucchan Nanchan’s Urinari!!” Kawai also wrote the main theme song for the highly popular anime, “Sgt. Frog.” He is an avid football fan, especially for the team KASHIWA REYSOL.

  • Poppin’Party
    Look forward to the performance of Aimi, Otsuka Sae, Nishimoto Rimi and Ito Ayasa at Japan Park Singapore!

    Poppin’Party is a 5-member girl band made up of popular voice actresses from the highly raved anime series BanG Dream!. Shuffling between the realms of anime and reality, the all-girl band is well-loved for their dynamic live performances.

    Toyama Kasumi, voiced by Aimi on Guitar and Vocals
    Hanazono Tae, voiced by Otsuka Sae on Guitar
    Ushigome Rimi, voiced by Nishimoto Rimi on Bass
    Yamabuki Saaya, voiced by Ohashi Ayaka on Drums
    Ichigaya Arisa, voiced by Ito Ayasa on Keyboard

  • Enako
    Japan’s brightest cosplay star, Enako comes to JPSG!

    Enako is a professional cosplayer and voice actress from Nagoya who is well-known for her accurate portrayal of cute characters.

    She has collaborated with many big name anime and video game companies as a product spokesperson and has been featured as a special guest at many anime-related events overseas, amassing a large and growing international fan base.

    The cosplayer’s popularity is evident through her sold-out photobooks, merchandise and large social media following. Enako is active on social media and also hosts regular live chats on the LINE app.

    On 5 August, Enako will be appearing at a talkshow in JPSG at the Cosplay Stage supported by SOZO. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for her Meet & Greet schedule!

    Fans of cosplay! Here’s your chance to get up close with KANAME☆!

    KANAME☆ made his cosplay debut in December 2007. He’s now active as an official cosplayer for various Japanese anime and games. Besides being the cosplay model, he also creates and supervises the making of costumes and weapon props.

    As a prominent male cosplayer from Japan, he is active overseas as well – KANAME☆ has been invited to many events in other countries for fan meetings, live performances, to be a judge various competitions, and more.

    KANAME☆ will appear for a talkshow on 5 August, revealing his brand new costume on the Cosplay Stage supported by SOZO.

    Follow JPSG on Facebook and Instagram for updates on his Meet & Greet schedule.

  • Ukon Nishikawa
    A rare chance to see live performances of Odori, Japanese traditional dance, with over 300 years of tradition!

    The eldest son of the second Koisaburo Nishikawa, the third director of The Nishikawa School was born in Nagoya in 1939. He studied dance under his father’s tutelage, first performing before an audience at the age of three. At 16 he became a student of Kanjuro Fujima, considered the greatest authority on Japanese dance. He choreographed his first original dance at age 19 and has since created over 3000 compositions. In 1962 he won the Nagoya Pen Club Award for his original work “Yaeyama Tsubaki”. In 1983 after the death of his father, Ukon Nishikawa inherited the leadership of the Nishikawa School. A special performance celebrating his succession was given in Tokyo and featured many Kabuki and Odori artists honoring the beginning of his career as headmaster. Under his guidance, the school has established itself as one of the leading authorities on traditional Japanese Dance. Its classic style of Odori is taught throughout Japan. With over 5000 licensed instructors, its enrollment has grown to over 50,000. In addition to serving the Japanese audience, Ukon founded Nishikawa Kai, a foundation with the mission of making traditional Japanese dance known to more people. In 1984 Ukon led the first Odori U.S. tour and has followed since with tours to the U.S. and to Europe. At present Ukon resides in Nagoya where he choreographs, performs and oversee the education of his students. His wife and three children are all Odori artists.

    Fellow Odori artists Yoko Nishikawa, Yoshinosuke Nishikawa and Daichi Kotobuki will also be performing at JPSG2018.

  • Tomotaka Takahashi
    The world renowned roboticist's lecture which stimulates children's imagination is a must-watch!

    Founder and CEO of Robo Garage, Research Associate Professor of The University of Tokyo, Visiting Professor of Osaka Electro-Communication University. Creates, designs, and invents unique and original Humanoids including robot astronaut “Kirobo”, robot smartphone “RoBoHoN”, De Agostini “Robi”, and Guinness record holder “Evolta”.
    Awards: TIME magazine ‘Coolest Inventions 2004’, Popular Science magazine ‘33 persons changing the future’, 3 Guinness world records for Evolta and Kirobo, and Robo-cup world champion 2004-2008.

    Shamisen Rock duo KUNI-KEN will return to Singapore for yet another exciting live!

    Born in Yokkaichi, Mie, brothers KUNIAKI and KENJI, form the Shamisen Rock unit KUNI-KEN. Both were appointed Yokkaichi Tourism Ambassadors in August 2016. KUNI-KEN’s one of a kind approach in fusing rock music elements with the Shamisen, a traditional Japanese stringed instrument, has brought them recognition on the global stage and had them performing to international audiences in Switzerland (POLYMANGA 2018), France (Japan Expo 2017), Singapore, India, Dubai, Macau, Manila and Myanmar. Visit to find out more!

  • Kiwako Ashimine
    The Okinawan songstress' first appearance in Singapore!

    Singer Kiwako Ashimine is known for her cute sass and healthy image. She was first introduced to western music via the foreign radio channels broadcasted from the American military base. She later attended an international school. In 2015, she participated in The 8th Music Revolution Japan Final, one of the largest music competition in the country organised by the Yamaha Group, and was presented both the Grand Prix and Audience-Favourite Awards. Soon after, Kiwako embarked on regular appearances in local news and quickly became an Okinawan media darling. She performed the theme song for video game developer giant Square Enix’s wildly popular game Grimms Notes. Kiwako also sang the chorus for fellow Okinawan band ORANGE RANGE’s 15th anniversary album, furthering her prowess and strengthening her position as a recognised singer in the music scene. In 2016, Kiwako released her highly anticipated first mini album TROPICAL GREEN.

  • Yota Towatari
    Be one of the first to hear the distinctively unique voice of Yota Towatari in Singapore!

    Born in 1992 is Kyushu, at age 17, Yota Towatari bought his first guitar, started writing music and playing for live audiences in live houses in Fukuoka. Inspired by the enigmatic American musicians from the 1990s, such as Jeff Buckley and Kurt Cobain, Towatari released his first EP, Starting Point of the Prism in 2014. From this EP, Towatari won two awards, one from the “Japan Records Awards, Kyushu Block” and one from the “Yoka ne!” Award. The following year, Towatari was chosen by Apple as the New Artist Spotlight and released his second EP, Solitary Primary Colors. From this album, Sometimes the World is Beautiful, became a frequently played song on radio stations across Japan. In 2016, Towatari made his major debut with the album, “I Wanna be Yota Towatari”. Since his debut release, Towatari has been playing at various venues and music festivals across Japan, including a one man tour, “I Wanna Be Yota Towatari”, and a collaborative tour with various famous Japanese musicians, entitled “Best of Ten Matches”. Following this, the single “Happy” became the theme song of the Nagoya TV Japanese drama, “Iju in Gifu!”. Towatari will release a new EP, Architecture for the Light in April, 2018.

    Be amazed by the live performance of Ink Wash Painting by OKAZU!

    OKAZU, born in 1985, is an ink-wash painting artist with the Sengoku Dama, an Organization formed to pay homage to the Warring States period. OKAZU’s works center around the Warring States period, aiming to depict the beauty within chaos. He is known for his distinctive and dynamic style of painting, showing the raw beauty of brush strokes without the need for shading and gradations.

  • Jushin Thunder Liger
    A talk show with one of Japan's most loved wrestlers from the New Japan Pro-wrestling will be held!

    Jushin Thunder Liger
    Not only is Jushin Thunder Liger well-respected among fellow pro-wrestlers, he’s also popular on television variety shows. Known for his bright personality, he has also made many appearances in TV dramas playing himself.

  • Takashi Kiba
    The producer who went around 47 prefectures to capture the captivating videos introduces the must-visit scenaries and places of Japan!

    He has mainly produced TVCM, Music Videos and Promotional Videos. He is actively working both domestically and internationally in a diverse fields such as Branding/Products for Companies, Regional Prefecture Branding and Products/Services Developments.
    He has start up MOVIE JAPAN to conveys the wonders of Japan through films and is preparing for the official release next spring. Presentz Representative Director.