Gourmet Festa
Supported by WAttention

WA-Shiok Gourmet Festa will host a smorgasbord of event-exclusive menus featuring flavours from 47 Prefectures!

  • Ramen Keisuke
    Enjoy event exclusive ramen specially created by the Keisuke Ramen King.

    The first overseas outlet was opened in Singapore in 2010. Now there are 13 outlets and 12 business types within the island. Chef Keisuke Takeda puts his experience in French and Japanese cuisines to valuable use in creating the dishes. Besides just ramen, tempura and hamburg steak specialty stalls are also opened to provide Japanese cuisines that suit local tastes.

    In March this year, a duck ramen specialty stall was opened at Holland Village. Coming June, a Champon specialty stall will also be opening at Tanjong Pagar. The endeavour to bring a variety Japanese specialities to the local market will continue.

    For JPSG, we will be providing two different daily menu of ramen that are created exclusively for the event. One is themed on “shellfish”, while the other is themed on “mushrooms”. These two ingredients might not be typically known for ramen, so do check it out for yourself at the event!

    For more details please “click here“!

  • Food Japan

    Food Japan is ASEAN’s largest dedicated showcase on Japanese food and beverage which is held at Suntec Singapore in October annually. http://oishii-world.com/en/

    During JPSG, we will be selling “Tokyo Carameliser” and “Tokyo Carameliser Chouquette” one of the most popular Souvenirs from Japan. We will also be distributing free admission tickets for Food Japan (valid for 27 October Public day) and giving out samples of confectionery. Come visit our booth to enjoy the limited offer!

  • Hararu Izakaya

    Hararu Izakaya is Singapore’s first Muslim-owned Japanese Izakaya, serving a wide selection of Japanese cuisines. In just a year of operation, it has earned fans and attention from multiple media outlets, including The Straits Times, Vulcan Post and Mediacorp Channel 5. Known for their charming vintage interior at their restaurant, they’ll bring part of the experience from their store right to JPSG 2018! Look out for their popular menu of kaki fry, tako karaage and Ninja Lager, and also takoyaki!

  • Menya Sakura

    Menya Sakura was founded in Nagoya Japan, Showa prefecture in April 2010. It was small stall which only has 9 counter seats and became well-loved in the neighbourhood. The following year, through the warm support from customers and many fans as well as appearances on TV and magazine features, Menya Sakura expanded and opened a second store which is also in Nagoya and was named Chuka soba Sakura. Since then, they have been expanding continuously and now operates more than 15 ramen shops in Japan alone. In 2013, the first overseas Menya Sakura was opened in Jakarta, Indonesia. Finally in 2016, the first outlet in Singapore is opened to deliver the original ramen taste from Nagoya, Japan.

  • Shibaura Genghis Khan

    Jingisukan, named after the founder of the Mongol Empire Genghis Khan, is a signature local cuisine from Hokkaido. Lamb is widely thought to be the staple food for the Mongolian warriors. The meat’s lean portion combines with the outer layer of fat brings out the richness in taste of lamb meat when grilled. Topped with a special homemade sauce, this delicacy is popular among the ladies as a healthy choice.

  • Fukuyoshi

    Voted as top 50 Japanese chefs and awarded by European Monde Selection in 2016, the entrepreneur chef, having its main outlet in Kanagawa Prefecture, has culinarily formulated the best hamburg steak using Hokkaido’s Kuroge Wagyu.


    JAPAN RAIL CAFE, the first overseas travel-themed cafe owned and operated by Japan’s largest railway company JR East, is newly established in December 2016 with its first outlet currently at Tanjong Pagar Centre. “A platform for real Japan, a platform for real communication”, JAPAN RAIL CAFE aims to serve as a communication platform for the local Japan Lovers’ community. You can be part of it as long as you love Japan like we do!


    Enjoy true Japan, for Japan lovers.

    IPPIN is a one-stop shop by Japanese for Japan lovers. Bringing you everything premium about Japan: sake, beer, snacks, teas, condiments, skincare, clothing, design and even workshops and seminars that share the love for Japan.

    At JPSG, come and try our craft beer: WAKUWAKU Beer from Ishikawa prefecture, sake from different prefectures, variety of fruit sake, watermelon soda, salt soda and many more tasty items from Japan. You will enjoy these unique Japanese F&B at amazingly affordable prices.

  • Makoto-Ya

    Established in 1992, Makoto-Ya (S) has close to 25 years of experience in the Japanese food and beverage industry. We have since grown to have over 1,000 different items, across 200 different brands and labels stocked in our warehouses and chiller rooms today.

    In recent years, we have also expanded our capabilities to include service support such as events and training sessions. We have a professional team of certified sake sommeliers and trainers, with the purpose of on-boarding our customers with the knowledge they require.

  • Bistro RYU

    Black curry is unique and getting popular in Japan. Based in Hakata city, Bistro Ryu’s own spice mix is cooked in pork & chicken broth and then leaving it overnight to bring out the richness of Japanese curry.


    Our sweet potato is all from Japan(Chiba) and takes 3 hours to steam.
    Freshly imported by air, you can feel the same taste in Japan.
    Try the sweetest potato ever.

  • Ginza Lion
    Special Menu "Roast Beef DON"

    Ginza Lion is bringing back its signature Roast Beef Don in JAPAN PARK event only. Indulge yourself with a bowl of Japanese rice topped with sliced Roast Beef, an Onsen Egg & Wasabi Cream Sauce specially prepared by our chef. This limited offer is available JAPAN PARK event only. Satisfy your taste buds now!
    Price $13


    SAMURICE will sell Onigiri, Bento, and Dango which using ingredients from various parts of local Japan.

    You can try new flavor Onigiri and luxurious Onigiri that are not sold at stores normally!

    Please enjoy the rich food flavor of all over Japan.

  • Ristorante Luka

    Menus to be announced!