CharaExpo Mini

Fans of games and anime can look forward to meeting the voice actors and exploring the mini game and card game corner!

  • Bushiroad
    Let’s have fun together!

    Established in 2007, Bushiroad Inc. is an entertainment company known for developing Cardfight!! Vanguard, Future Card Buddyfight, Weiss Schwarz, Dragoborne -Rise to Supremacy- and other card games. Bushiroad has since expanded its businesses across multiple entertainment and media platforms such as mobile games, publishing, merchandising and wrestling entertainment.

  • Shogakukan Asia

    On 18 September 2013, Shogakukan Asia Pte Ltd was established in Singapore to lead the expansion of its businesses in Asia, especially Southeast Asia. Based in Singapore but with Asia in its vision, Shogakukan Asia adopts the direct publishing model, leveraging on the rich experience and know-how in overseas licensing and publication of educational materials.

    At Shogakukan Asia, we believe that our works (publications and edutainment) allow young readers to explore the joy of learning and reading, by providing fun but informative edutainment that is wholesome and intriguing to young minds. We also hope to promote growing interests and knowledge in arts and culture through our manga and other publications starting from existing Japanese publications.

  • Amuse Entertainment Singapore

    Amuse Singapore will bring the latest merchandise and CDs of Japanese artists such as Takeru Satoh, Ryunosuke Kamiki, FLOW, JAM Project, and OLDCODEX. We will also bring in some products for Koudai Matsuoka and Sunplaza Nakano Kun who will be making appearances on Omakase Stage! Please look for the announcement of the detailed goods line-up on our Facebook: